Executive Producer | Stills • Video • Experiential

20+ years agency and production side experience in producing stills, videos and experiential (events, holograms, image mapping, etc.) globally across 32 countries in 6 continents.
Curating and creating visual content for global clients agency and production side.
Well versed across integrated mediums with projects between $200 - $6 million budget.
Oversaw creative departments up to 60 people and implemented processes at agencies and in house.
Able to line produce.
Extensive celebrity and influencer experience.
Conversational in Italian, Cantonese, and French.

AICP Awards Advertising Excellence/Campaign Winner 2022: Meta Summer Olympics
Food Film Festival Food Porn Award 2019: Black Sesame
Winterbotham Darby Food Film Shorts Winner 2019: Black Sesame
Cannes Silver Lion Innovation Use of Technology 2018: Destiny 2 Ghost Skill
AICE Winner Sound Design 2016: Black Sesame
Cannes Cyber Lions Shortlist 2015: Visa Samba of the World
AICP Next Awards Shortlist Best Integrated Campaign 2015: Visa Samba of the World

The Selby. Collaborator. 2011 - current.
The Selby Family Project. Casting Director. 2022.
Fashionable Selby. Researcher. 2013.
Edible Selby. Producer Stills & Video. 2010-2011.

Launch/Executive Producer: Humane. 4.2023 - current.
Freelance Senior Integrated Producer: Meta - Creative X. 8.2022 – 3.2023.
Freelance Executive Producer: Odysseus Arms. 5.2022 – 6.2022.
Freelance Executive Producer: AfterPay + Block. 1.2022 – 5.2022.
Freelance Executive Producer: adam&eveDDB - Peloton Holiday Scrooge commercials. 8.2021 – 1.2022.
Freelance Senior Integrated Producer: Facebook - Creative X. 8.2019 – 8.2021.
Freelance Senior Integrated Producer: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. 7.2019 – 8.2019.
Freelance Senior Integrated Producer: Lyft. 6.2019 - 7.2019.
Freelance Senior Integrated Producer: Facebook - Creative X. 5.2019 – 6.2019.
Freelance Executive Producer: Elephant - Unison videos, Apple Pay videos. 2.2019 – 5.2019.
Freelance Senior Video Producer: Thumbtack – Brandi & Kevin A Wedding by Thumbtack 8.2018 – 1.2019.
Freelance Senior Producer: Collins – Bose Frames launch 2018. 7.2018 – 8.2018.
Freelance Executive Content Producer: AKQA – Levi’s x Justin Timberlake Fresh Leaves launch 2018. 4.2018 – 7.2018.
Freelance Art Buyer & Print Producer. Facebook The Factory. 2.2018 - 3.2018.
Executive Producer: Dr. Octagon. Flying Waterbed music video. 8.2017 – 3.2018
Freelance Senior Producer. AKQA. IBM Watson experiential, Activision Destiny 2 Antonio Brown spot, Activision Destiny 2 Ghost Skill videos (Cannes Digital Craft Silver Lions 2017), Levi’s Holiday 2017, ServiceNow rebranding. 7.2017 - 2.2018.
Freelance Senior Producer. R/GA. Big Heart Pet Brands. 1.2017 - 4.2017.
Freelance Integrated Producer. Odysseus Arms. Facebook Global Causes launch, Kodak Alaris, HotelTonight. 10.2016 - 12.2016.
Freelance Senior Experiential Producer. Venables Bell & Partners. Massage Envy. 8.2016 - 9.2016.
Freelance Senior Experiential Producer. Wieden+Kennedy New York. Equinox Goldrush. 7.2016 - 8.2016.
Freelance Art Producer. Camp + King. UGG global print. 6.2016 – 7.2016.
Freelance Producer. Heist. Google SMB Olympic spot :90. 4.2016.
Social Media Content Consultant & Creator. Flavor Group. Fernet Branca. 2015 - 2016.
Executive Producer: Black Sesame film. 2.2016. AICE Winner Best Sound Design 2016. Winterbotham Darby Food Film Shorts Winner 2019. The Food Film Festival Food Porn Award 2019.
Freelance Art Buyer & Producer. Duncan/Channon. StubHub, Diamond Nuts. 2015.
Senior Integrated Content Producer. AKQA. 7.2013 - 5.2015.
Art Buyer & Producer. AKQA. 12.2012 - 6.2013.
Headquarter Producer. H&M x Maison Martin Margiela Silent Manifesto. San Francisco. 2012.
Photo Editor. Wired. 7.2012 - 10.2012.
Art Buyer & Producer. Draftfcb. 2.2008 - 5.2012.
Art Buyer & Traffic Manager. ATTIK. 6.2004 - 12.2007.
Project Administrator. FatCat Digital. 12.2002 - 3.2004.

My wife said that Amy is fabulous, and Amy is fabulous.
- Albert Watson

As someone from the creative agency side, I've always considered Amy not just an ally but also a fantastic person to have around. It was also evident that our clients shared the same confidence in her abilities, making her a crucial interface for the success of our projects. Amy effortlessly adapted to shifting timelines and budgets and always kept the good vibes going, so If I were to compare working with her to a music genre, reggae would be my choice.
- Jean Zamprogno. Founder & Executive Creative Director. AKQA Bloom.

Amy is undoubtedly one of the best professionals in the industry I have ever worked with. Her practicality and ability to make things happen, coupled with her strategic and business-oriented perspective, add value not only to the process but also to the final output. Amy brings with her a blend of knowledge and a discerning eye for creativity, operational solutions, business, and brand, making her a hybrid professional straddling both client and agency perspectives. She navigates both worlds with her flexibility, and sagacity, making those around her see her as indispensable, regardless of the side she's on—a key player in achieving the expected results. She delivers creativity and operation without losing sight of the business aspect.
- Silvia Brihy. Group Account Director. AKQA Bloom.

Thanks so much for all you’re doing. Total pro.
- Tom Markham. Head of Creative. Meta Creative X.

It's quite a project across 4 apps [for the Olympics], 5 director/production companies, 2 weeks of shoots across 6 global locations plus agency integration. Just wanted to express my gratitude by saying THANK YOU for all that you do and how you do it effortlessly and with grace. We appreciate you so much!
- Joyce Chen. Head of Production. Meta Creative X.

In pursuit of the right shot Amy has MacGyver like ingenuity and stop-at-nothing persistence. She's also Tardar Sauce's biggest merchandise promoter and a delightfully positive person. She is also a magnet of interesting.
- Neil Robinson. Executive Creative Director. AKQA.

Amy is a real asset to any team, bringing cross continent experience at all levels of production. I had the pleasure of working with Amy over a year at AKQA and directly on a few notable projects. During the Visa FIFA 2014 World Cup campaign Amy really shined; working out the budget on a truncated timetable while wrangling talent and logistics across 32 countries. When things got scary - She pulled some magic with her world of contacts and made the deliverables come in on time. Just small potatoes. On top of all this Amy is super nice, personable and has great sense of humor. I’m sad to see her go - Super Stars need to shine. Amy brings it. You would be lucky to have her on board.
- Arturo Lindbergh. Senior Motion Designer. AKQA.

Amy is awesome at what she does and has the best attitude ever. She's a total pro who's connected, creative, and resourceful, plus tons of fun with zero ego. If she's on your project or set, consider yourself lucky!
- Emily Ostendorf. Senior Project Manager. AKQA.

Pure inspiration. Amy is vitamin for your mind. And did someone say funny?
- Enno Jacobsen

Amy is the best producer I have ever worked with.
Amy is a dog with a bone.
Amy gets it done and nothing gets in her way.
Amy can produce, bake, dj and kick ass.

- The Selby

Amy is all pro. From identity designers to illustrators to high fashion photographers, Amy knows where to go and who to talk to. She has a great eye and a natural sensibility for getting the right artist for the job. Plus, her Iron Fist negotiating technique makes sure the job stays within budget. Highly recommended.
- Tony Vazquez. Group Creative Dirtector. Draftfcb SF.

Amy is like having a human Google search on your project. Her resources and knowledge of what and who is hot and cool is unmatched.
- Julie Scelzo. Group Creative Director. Draftfcb SF.

Every single time I have a print shoot, this is the first question I ask: "Can we get Amy?" Because when you get Amy, she gets you everything else you could possibly want and more. She understands the business inside and out, creatives love her, producers love her and photographers love her. She has a great eye and a great attitude. She is also a great dresser and quite weird. I would hire her anywhere that I could.
- Scott Murray. Creative Director. Draftfcb Irvine.

Amy is an art buying dynamo! She has managed a wide range of productions, to include cats, dogs, multiple models, on set, on location, fabulous food - you name it, Amy has it covered. She is very efficient, dependable and throughout it all, wears fabulous make up!
- MB Bralye. Senior Print Producer. Draftfcb SF.

From the first phone call we knew we were going to love working with Amy. Her energy and work ethic was contagious. If there is one person to make sure a project goes smooth from start to finish, it would be her.
- Jeff Laub. Owner. The Blind Barber.

Amy Yvonne Yu is unique amongst Art Buyers and Producers in commercial photography. On top of the extensive knowledge and experience that she brings there is also an amazing passion for creativity and powerful imagery. Her curiosity about people and our world is an invaluable resource that will undoubtably connect her with clients, creatives and photographers.
- Chris Buck

Amy was fantastic to work with on our commercial shoot, and found a perfect balance between balancing creative freedom and execution while still making sure that the client got exactly what they needed, if not more!
- Jake Stangel

I knew Amy was of course going to rock it, and I feel honored that I was her first back to freelance gig. Ha! I've always wanted to work with Amy, and not only was she on top of everything, she was calm, cool, funny, fun, and super stylish. Oh and the 4PM early 90s music is essential to keep things going. Color Me Badd got us through the rest of the day. Thank you Amy for balancing everything so well, and I felt totally happy and taken care of.
- Sara Remington

There is no Art Buyer I've worked with who is more thorough and cares more about a production then Amy. She respects the photographer's space, yet plays an integral part in making sure the production moves as smoothly as it should. Bottom line, Amy just gets it and her productions reflect it!
- Buddy Joe. Executive Producer. Brakhax2 Photography.

The first adjective that comes to mind when I think of Amy is dynamic. When you enter a space—work or play—occupied by Amy, you know she's there, and you quickly realize that she's on top of things, whatever level of complexity those things may be calibrated at. Amy knows what goes where; when, exactly, it needs to be there; the most efficient way to bring that about; and who's the best candidate or team to see it through to fruition. Though I don't want to take anything away from her hard work ethic (she's definitely a superdiligent worker!), I'm reluctant to call these capacities, at least where she's concerned, mere "skills." For Amy, they're more like a way of being, a way of life—it's who she is. She came to planet Earth to participate, that is, she shows up, she throws her lot in with yours, she plays for keeps, and, along the way, she exhibits a singular joie de vivre. Not surprisingly, she's an exceptional project manager and supervisor; at the same time, she's a savvy and spirited culture maven. Imagine a DJ/photographer/art aficionado who can, at a moment's notice, create a kick-ass spread sheet or render a file and upload it for the vendor, and you've got a sense of the superb right-brain, left-brain mélange that Amy brings to the table. It's a moveable feast—partake!
- Bob Gamboa. Copyeditor. Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

I have known Amy for over a decade and have worked closely with her on everything from smaller local productions to large multiple location travel jobs with big crews. Amy jumps straight into the production headfirst with a level of skill and professionalism unmatched in the industry. I really appreciate and respect that she takes a keen personal interest and ownership in the work. She doesn't just "complete" the work, she really lives and breathes it. Her dedication is great to work with because it's like an insurance policy that the work will be a great success. Amy is a complete joy to work with.
- Jesse Goff

Super creative and so on it!!! Love working with Amy.
- Brent Lavett. Owner. Lavett & Chin.

Amy is one of the most amazing, creative and fabulous people I know.
- Gunnar Hissam. Owner - Partner - COO / Director of Licensing & Newish Media. Om Records.

Amy is smart as a whip, has good taste, is tenacious with deadlines, and fun to work with. Maybe most importantly, she has been one of my most RATIONAL clients, and, shockingly super calm under pressure. She just gets it.
- Shelley Kent. Director of Video Games. Ignition Print.

Amy runs a tight ship. In my dealings with her, I've always been impressed by her efficiency as an art buyer/producer.
- Michael Kerbow.

It is always a pleasure to deal with Amy. She is a very passionate person. Whether in her job or exploring the SF art scene and most of all as a true expert when it comes to finding the best place to have dinner in San Francisco!
- Marie-Anne Aizac.

Amy is a very creative, driven, fun, focused and organized individual who is a pleasure to work with - a rare combination these days!
- Inome Callahan.

Amy is an outstanding Art Buyer & Producer. Over the past 5 years, I've had the pleasure of working with her on a number of projects from illustration, design, CGI and motion bids. Amy's understanding of our industry is unparalleled. Which in a time of ever changing creative needs, and media platforms, is invaluable. Basically, she gets it. And if she doesn't immediately, she figures it out and shares that knowledge. Amy's a hard nose buyer, no doubt about it; but in the best sense of the term. She doesn't ever pull punches, and she is straight up about all aspects from budget, timeline, realistic (or unrealistic) expectations of creatives and her clients. When you have someone who is capable of getting the point, while being efficient, respectful and still excited about the work they are creating, you have a lynch pin of a Producer; that's Amy. Her experience speaks loudly in everything we've worked on, and I've been fortunate enough for her to lend that experience in my own professional advancement. Her eccentricity adds to her value, because in a time of crisis or "oh $h!t" button getting hit, she cools things off, cracks a joke and brings us all back down to reality. Having interests and relationships with influencers/trendsetters in the art, food, music and entertainment community contributes to her "getting it." She is relevant and a valuable asset to what I do.
- Matthew LeBaron.

Amy's talents range far and wide. Able to pull together a massive photo shoot and book you in at the best restaurant in town, fill you in on any and all happenings in whatever city you're in, school you on food, music & photography... Amy's enthusiasm and sense of humor makes for a great experience on and off set for crew & clients alike.
- Chris Boals Artists.

Amy is one of those people you meet that effortlessly makes you feel like you're too lazy. She is a dynamo of creativity energy and joy that also makes you feel good about yourself, and in working with her. While working as an photo agent at Brite Productions I always looked forward to our jobs together - mainly because, well aside from her fun personality, she's a pro and has a very direct and BS sans free way of working. She's a compliment to any project.
- David Safian. SaF Productions.

First thing that comes to mind: She's a firecracker and Amy knows her shit.
- Mina Buehler. Senior Art Director. ATTIK.

Amy is great! We worked together almost daily on a huge 4 month project and she was always very upfront and helpful. She made me feel extremely comfortable working with a large client like Scion, and her advice on how to handle contracts still sticks with me today. Plus she makes delicious brownies!
- Dave Correia

In all the years I worked freelancing art at Draftfcb, there was never the slightest concern about having everything I needed to do the onsite work for any number of the creatives there. Amy always had the table set, and had covered all the angles. After the boards were done she made sure I was on track with the accounting, not my strong suit, and kept me dialed in. She's a super talent!
- Marc Ericksen